anothermanspraying the lawnBenjamin Lawn Care offers the choice between a four or five step lawn care program.  Our applications include fertilization, weed control, pre-emergent herbicides, insecticides, iron, and manganese.  We provide timely applications to keep your lawn thick, green and healthy.  Unlike some companies we include insect control in our second application without any additional fees.  Our Lawn Technicians are licensed by the State of Nebraska and have been properly trained to apply chemicals safely and accurately.

Spring Application Step 1 includes a balanced granular fertilizer, pre-emergent control,  and spot spray for broadleaf weed control.  Pre-emergent herbicides are vital to help keep crab grass and other weeds from invading your lawn.

Early Summer Application Step 2 includes a slow release granular lawn fertilizer, additional pre-emergent control, insecticide for sod webworm (grub) control, broadleaf weed control, iron, and manganese.  This application is a great benefit to the lawn and has added insect control included without any extra fees.  Grub control is important because they are very damaging to the root system of the grass.  Birds and other animals will dig up the lawn to feed on these grubs.

Mid-Summer Application Step 3 includes a slow release lawn fertilizer, liquid iron, manganese, and spot treatment of broadleaf weeds.  As man spraying the lawntemperatures increase and the grass growth rate decreases weeds will tend to still flourish and grow.  Iron plays an important role in chlorophyll production, which turns grass green.  During the summer heat and stress, supplementing iron to the lawn helps give it a nice even green hue.

Early Fall Application Step 4 includes a slow release granular lawn fertilizer and broadleaf weed control.  This step is important because fall is the best time to tackle broadleaf weeds which also helps in minimizing their return the next spring.

Late Fall Application Step 5 includes a granular lawn fertilizer that is very high in nitrogen and also includes phosphorus and pot ash.  This step is applied after your lawn has stopped growing for the year.  A late fall fertilizing helps lawns store needed nutrients for winter survival and to encourage thick rapid, growth, and rooting in the upcoming spring.